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We know that these “AXIS” tie-in issues will involve a Deadpool whose alignment has been “inverted.” What does that mean for Wade and how it will affect him?

We’ve seen the cover to “Deadpool” #37, which features Zenpool, what our team has been calling him internally. We try to play a really long game. When you do 18 issues a year, you have to — we first mentioned Deadpool’s daughter, Ellie back in issue #9, I believe.

The fun thing is, we had access to the “AXIS” information, so we seeded Zenpool a long time ago. You met him once already in Deadpool’s mind, when the transfer happened and Preston left. He’s a very different facet of Deadpool, and it will be interesting to see him sort of take the wheel so to speak. Mike Hawthorne did a great job redesigning Deadpool for this story, and an inverted Deadpool is a pacifist — so we’re having fun with that!


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